Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus, Engl. Lösungsbuch / Collectors Guide

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  • Bonus Art Book Excerpt:
    Previews the fascinating volume published by Dark Horse.
  • Developer Interview:
    A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of The New Colossus, plus a foreword from Narrative Designer Tommy Tordsson Björk.
  • Lithographs Included:
    A must-have for any fan!
  • The Mission:
    Head into battle armed with the most effective tips and strategies for navigating every mission.
  • The Maps:
    Our detailed maps help you hunt down all equipment, ammo, and Collectibles. Never miss a step!
  • The Gear:
    Use the right tool for the job! From hatchets to helmets to heavy weapons, we provide full equipment stats and upgrade details so you can go in prepared.
  • The Enemy:
    Our exhaustive enemy database breaks down the strengths, weaknesses, and tool sets of every foe in the game.
  • Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide:
    Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the complete guide optimized for a second-screen experience.


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  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Hersteller: Primagames
  • EAN: 9780744018301
  • ISBN: 978-0744018301
  • Format: DIN A4, farbig, Hardcover 
  • In Deutscher Sprache nicht erschienen!

Sprache: Englisch

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