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A Hero must Rise from the Ashes

Take the reins of a battle-ready dragon and defend the Asylians against legions of Mokai Soldiers. As Rohn, you will change the destiny of a dying world.

The Mokai and Asylian nations are once again arming their warriors as they prepare for an inevitable war. You take the role of Rohn, a member of the Asylian Skyguard, and defend Asylia against the ruthless Mokai. Their primary mission is to protect the land and their most cherished resource--pure water.


However, the Mokai are throwing all they have against Asylia, for this is a last-chance effort to save the culture, nation, and people. Even with these brutal warriors on Asylia?s doorstep, there seems to be something even more ominous on the horizon...


Can you guard against such a threat?

  • Earn Every Gold Medal!
    Gold-Medal Strategies for every mission in the game!
  • Know your Enemy!
    Learn about the strengths and weaknesses for every enemy and boss! Even a small edge can mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Master the Flight of Dragons!
    This isn?t a normal mount! Learn the techniques required for mastering the skies and dominating your enemies in combat.
  • Go Behind the Scenes!
    Check out how Factor 5 created the game and get the low-down on how they brought this world and its inhabitants to life!
  • Much More!
    - Developer Interviews
    - Medal Requirements
    - Combos
    - Secret Unlockables


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  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Hersteller: Bradygames
  • EAN: 9780744009101
  • ISBN: 0744009103
  • Format: DIN A4, farbig
  • System: Sony PS3

Plattform: Sony PlayStation 3
Sprache: Englisch

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