Hyrule Warriors Legends, offiz. Lösungsbuch / Collectors Guide

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This 448-page Hyrule Warriors Legends Collector´s Edition Guide includes...

  • New Content!
    Completely updated for the 3DS version, including new characters, tools, and dozens of new areas to explore!
  • Complete Walkthrough!
    Maps and strategy for completing both Legends Mode and Adventure Mode - including the all-new Rewards, Great Sea, Master Quest, Twilight, and Termina Maps!
  • Behind the Scenes!
    A 79-page exclusive inside look into the creation of Hyrule´s characters and creatures - featuring notes from the game designers, interviews, and Concept Art!
  • Find Every Item!
    Your complete resource for Potions, SubWeapons, Medals, and more! How to fi nd and use them all to complete special tasks.
  • Expert Battle Tactics!
    Extensive Hero Training provides precise button presses and timing to defeat your foes and capture territory for Zelda´s forces!
  • FREE Mobile-Friendly eGuide:
    Use the enhanced eGuide for strategy on the go, all optimized for a second-screen experience!

These limited edition guides will only be printed once. When they are sold out, they will be gone forever!


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  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Hersteller: Primagames
  • EAN: 9780744017113
  • ISBN: 9780744017113
    Format: DIN A4, farbig, Hardcover
  • System: Nintendo 3DS
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Plattform: Nintendo 3DS
Sprache: Englisch

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