Harvest Moon: A Light of Hope, Engl. Lösungsbuch / Collectors Guide

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IN THIS GUIDE: Two-Sided Foldout Poster, Exclusive Interviews with the Makers of Harvest Moon, Farming Strategies, Complete Mission Guide, and Full Character Information for Creating Friendships.
This hardcover Collector´s Edition book features a complete Harvest Moon: Light of Hope strategy guide that details missions, farming strategies, and details for befriending every character in the game, along with a 20 year retrospective of the Harvest Moon series of games complete with developer interviews, and a two-sided history of Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope calendar foldout poster.

  • A Retrospective for Harvest Moon Fans:
    20 years of Harvest Moon detailed in art and descriptions illustrating the history and innovations of this groundbreaking video game series.
  • Harvest Moon Personalities Past and Present:
    Special interviews discussing the legacy of Harvest Moon with the Producer of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Taka Maekawa and others involved with the series.
  • Exclusive Two-Sided Foldout Poster:
    A spectacular reference that displays the full timeline for every Harvest Moon game and also catalogs all of the important calendar dates in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Don´t miss a single important event or birthday!
  • Deluxe Hardcover Book:
    Printed on premium paper with special cover treatments.
  • Harvest Moon:
    Light of Hope Strategy Guide Contents:
  • Restore the Lighthouse:
    Find the Stone Tablets and summon the Harvest Goddess!
  • Be the Most Popular Farmer:
    A detailed gift giving guide to help you make friends fast!
  • Farming, Mining, and Fishing:
    Maximize your profits and live off the land!
  • Digital Bonus:
    Unlock your digital version of the Harvest Moon guide with the free code card included inside. Easily custom-sort crop tables, mining tables, and more using your digital guide. Find exactly what you need with built-in search and return to where you left off using digital bookmarks. Access your digital guide any time, anywhere, on any web-enabled device.


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  • EAN: 9780744019568
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Sprache: Englisch

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