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So, you got the game and you got the guide. But what about all the new maps and the new campaign chapter that´s available for download? BradyGAMES Gears of War 2 DLC guides is your answer! We cover all the downloadable content and important game updates:: new multiplayer and single-player maps; new XP and Level systems, Achievements, weapon updates--everything. You´ve expanded your game, now expand your strategy with BradyGAMES DLC guides.

  • All 19 New Multiplayer Maps
    Our detailed maps show you weapon placements, spawn points, and other critical locations for every map pack ever released for Gears of War[r] 2, including Flashback, Combustible, Snowblind, and the all-new Dark Corners!
  • New Campaign Chapter
    We lead you step by step through the new Road to Ruin campaign chapter, complete with a detailed map, enemy rosters, and encounter-based strategy. Whether you choose to go in guns blazing or use the all-new stealth mode, we have you covered!
  • That´s Not All!
    We reveal all the new Acheivements, the new XP and Level systems, weapon updates, and much more!


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    • Dieser DLC Mini-Guide bezieht sich ausschliesslich auf den DLC von Gears of War 2

    Plattform: Microsoft Xbox 360
    Sprache: Englisch

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