Minecraft - Dual Wield, Fly, Conquer! Mastering, Engl. Game Guide

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The Dual Wield, Fly, Conquer! Mastering Minecraft 3rd Edition guide includes...

Learn about the massive changes to The End region, new creatures like the Shulker, dual wielding, and the updated combat system. This edition has also been revised to reflect changes to the console and pocket versions, as well as changes made by the smaller game patches.

  • Complete Coverage:
    From basic to advanced tactics, this guide is essential for all players.
  • It´s All Here:
    - Mining & Farming
    - Brewing & Enchanting
    - Monsters & Defenses
    - Special Areas
    - Achievements
    - Using Redstone
  • Quick - Reference Charts:
    Easily find info on every block type, item, recipe, animal, and monster in the game.
  • Plus:
    - Exclusive Illustrations
    - Bigger & Better Projects
    - Game Mods
    - Texture Packs
    - Joining & Creating Servers
    - And more!
  • Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide:
    Includes a code to access the eGuide,  a web-access version of the complete guide optimized for a second-screen experience.


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  • Sprache: Englisch
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  • EAN: 9780744017540
  • ISBN: 978-0744017540
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Sprache: Englisch

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