Kane & Lynch 2, offiz. Lösungsbuch / Strategy Guide

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It´s kill or be killed!

Perhaps you can relate to the impulsive, reckless self-medicated psychopath, Lynch. Or maybe you have more in common with the tactical, calculating ex-mercenary, Kane. Either way, survival is your main goal - and this guide is your best hope.

  • Streetwise Tactics:
    We guide you in your desperate and frantic fight to escape through the back streets and rooftops of Shanghai´s gritty underworld. Trust no one during these pulse-pounding missions, except us!
  • Survival Basics:
    You need more than a gun and a reckless sense of abandon to prevail in this non-stop flurry of hostile encounters. We arm you with the weapons and wits to stay cool and effective in combat.
  • Multiplayer Tips & Maps:
    An in-depth review of each game´s rules and scoring, including tips and tactics for dominating all the melee action - plus a detailed overhead view of the first nine maps available for multiplayer gaming.
  • Detailed Maps:
    We have charted every square inch of the violent journey you are about to be thrown into. Find critical combat points, enemy ambushes, important targets, key checkpoints, and more - all presented in fully rendered, hi-res detail!
  • Bonus Custom Comic:
    An exclusive look at DC Comics new Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Walking comic book inside!


  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Seiten: 160
  • Gewicht: ca. 380g
  • Hersteller: Bradygames
  • EAN: 9780744012293
  • ISBN: 978-0744012293
  • Format: DIN A4, farbig
  • Systeme: PS3, XBOX 360 & PC
  • In Deutscher Sprache nicht erschienen!

Plattform: Microsoft Xbox 360PCSony PlayStation 3
Sprache: Englisch

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