Final Fantasy 13-2 XIII-2, offiz. Lösungsbuch / US-Strategy Guide

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"With a game of this scale and complexity, we felt that it was essential to offer a detailed travel companion to our players. When the time came to start work on the guide, the choice of partner was obvious. Piggyback has been publishing guides on the Final Fantasy series for over ten years, and their level of expertise and understanding of our games is peerless. Collaborating closely with the team, Piggyback has created a book that I´m pleased to present to you here. This is the ultimate guide, with everything you could possibly wish for: from a step-by-step walkthrough to an all-encompassing Tour Guide, from side quests to advanced strategy and analysis, from exhaustive inventory and bestiary lists to puzzle solutions." (Motomu Toriyama, Director of Final Fantasy XIII-2)


    Studies all of key systems and exposes hidden mechanics. Advanced combat, Paradigms and Roles, Crystarium advancement, character and monster development, abilities - it´s all in here!
    Covers all locations and time periods, including maps and collectibles. Features guidance for all side quests, rare enemies, minigames, power-leveling techniques and monster recruiting opportunities.
    An extensive, user-friendly diagram offers a streamlined path to 100% completion.
    Our optimized lists and tables cover all enemies, weapons, accessories, items and shops, with an astonishing wealth of "secret" stats and attributes.
    Charts the critical path through the main narrative, including prompts and tips on subjects or features pertinent to your actual position in the storyline

Ease of use

  • All pages in full colour
  • A quick-search index gives you immediate access to the information you seek
  • Comprehensive maps showing where all items are to be found
  • User friendly tab system guarantees precise information immediately


  • Exclusive artwork
  • Original artwork
  • Each page features an individual design
  • Top quality screenshots to illustrate playing tactics

Assembly (US)

  • 8 in. x 10 7/8 in. (203mm x 276mm)
  • Adhesive binding
  • Matt laminated cover
  • Cover with spot varnish effect
  • Web-Offset Printing


  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Seiten: 308
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  • Hersteller: Piggyback Interactive
  • EAN: 9780307894205
  • ISBN: 978-0307894205
  • Format: DIN A4, farbig 
  • Plattformen: PS3, XBOX360
  • Standard-US-Ausgabe.

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Sprache: Englisch

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