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The Art of TITANFALL: 

The Art of Titanfall will take readers on an in-depth, no-holds barred look at Respawn Entertainment´s hugely anticipated multiplayer shooter, featuring exclusive concept and development art, as well as detailed creator insights and commentary throughout, showcasing the all-out warfare between the agile pilots and lethal Titans of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Frontier militia, as well as the war-torn science fiction battlefields found within the game.


  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Seiten: ca. 192
  • Gewicht: ca. 1451g
  • Hersteller: Titan Books
  • EAN: 9781783291946
  • ISBN: 978-1783291946
  • Format: 30,9x23,9cm, Hardcover

The Art of CASTLEVANIA - Lords of Shadow:

Castlevania is a multi-generational video game series developed and published by Konami. The franchise was first released in 1986, but has evolved from a side-scrolling platformer into a full-scale action adventure series - and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. The series is a fan-favourite, and has influenced generation after generation of games since first being released.

Rebooted in 2010, the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series explores Gabriel Belmont´s fall from grace as he is drawn into a world of demonic forces and supernatural terrors. Initially set in 1047 AD, the game boasts extraordinarily rich and stylised visuals, fusing gothic imagery with a deeply archaic medieval vibe.

Combining concept art, game stills and promotional images from both Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the upcoming sequel Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, as well as side story Mirror of Fate, the book will take readers on a visual guide through the supernatural world of Castlevania, following the Belmont family´s everlasting struggle against the forces of darkness. The book will offer an exclusive look at Gabriel and the rest of the Belmont clan, as well as the games´ allies and antagonists, supernatural creatures and otherworldly locations - and much more.


  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Seiten: ca. 192
  • Gewicht: ca. 1304g
  • Hersteller: Titan Books
  • EAN: 9781781168950
  • ISBN: 978-1781168950
  • Format: 30,81x23,5cm, Hardcover


  • 1x Englischsprachiges Artbook zu "Titanfall"
  • 1x Englischsprachiges Artbook zu "Castlevania - Lords of Shadow"

Sprache: Englisch

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