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The DeathWatch games have come to Varrigan City, and the audience is expecting some real ULTRA Violence! If Jack wants to get through this alive he´ll need some guidance, some Onions, and someone at the controls who knows how to use a Chainsaw. We´ll provide all the guidance and Onions you need, and give you a head start with the Chainsaw skills, too.

  • Violence Ranking
    Super Violence is all well and good, but should you really be settling for that? The DeathWatch games don´t roll around very often, and opportunities for violence on this scale are scarce. Take full advantage of the moment, and learn the art of ULTRA Violence!
  • Use of Weapons
    Is that Chainsaw itching for blood? Are you wondering what the benefits might be to using a Golf Club against Zombies? Well, it´s all revealed here, and that stain really won´t be coming out!
  • Assault and Battery
    ULTRA Violence requires you to squeeze every last ounce of blood out of your victims. You need to know how many pipes to the head they can take, and if there´s enough room in there for trumpet or two. We provide the details on all Objects and Death Traps, making sure none go to waste.
  • A Walk Through A Mad World
    Come with us on a guided tour of each Stage, where every corner of the city is beautifully mapped out. Here, no back alley is ignored, none of the local establishments are too seedy for us to enter, and no military facilities are top secret enough to keep us out. When this thing´s over, you´ll always know where to find the toilet, and what to do when you get there.
  • Special Guests
    There´s a whole bunch of really serious guys standing between Jack and the Number One spot. Learn all about them and their attacks, so you won´t be scratched no matter how many helicopters or tornados they throw at you.
  • Additional Mutilation
    Very few people will get to complete every one of the bonus DeathWatch Challenges. In fact, most people won´t even get to see what they are! Anyone that´s actually up for the challenge will find all the details they need here.
  • What´s In The Box?
    Want to know about the special bonuses and surprises that experienced contestants can gain access to? How about the really nasty tricks they can take advantage of? Open the book, and all will be revealed!

Rugged hardcover edition with thread-stitching for extra durability. Its exclusive front cover visual makes the Limited Edition the ultimate MadWorld collector´s piece.


  • Seiten: ca. 180
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Gewicht: ca. 908g
  • Publisher: Future-Press
  • EAN-Code: 9783940643544
  • ISBN-Code: 978-3940643544
  • System: Nintendo Wii
  • Limitierte Hardover-Ausgabe - In Deutscher Sprache nicht erschienen!

Sprache: Englisch
System: Wii

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